Uniform Electric FieldsUniform Electric Fields

The electric field strength of a uniform electric field is given by: E=frac{V}{d}


E=frac{F}{Q}therefore F=EQ



VQ=EQdtherefore V=Ed


The units of electric field strength can therefore be given as Vm^{-1} or NC^{-1}.

This also yields some equations of capacitance:

C=frac{varepsilon A}{d}

Where varepsilon=varepsilon_{o} varepsilon_{r}(varepsilon_{o} 

is the permittivity of free space and ε is the relative permittivity) .

Using some simple principles and equations, it is possible to model the motion of charged particles in a uniform electric field:

  1. Any charged particle experiences a constant acceleration because it experiences a constant force (uniform electric field)

     2. E=frac{v}{d}

      3. The force experienced by a charge particle is given by =

      4.The work done on an electron is given by =

A charged particle in a uniform electric field will follow a parabolic path because there is no acceleration for horizontal motion, but there is acceleration for vertical motion.