Liquid- moles

1 cm3 = 1 ml. 1dm3 = 1000 cm3
• Concentration: Unit mol dm-3
. It is the amount of solute, in moles, dissolved in each 1 dm3 of
• Calculating Moles with Volumes: Moles (mol) = Concentration (mol dm-3
) x Volume (dm3
). If in
/ 1000 = dm3
. Standard Solution: It is the solution of a known concentration. Prepared by dissolving an exact
mass of solute in a solvent and making up the solution to an exact volume.
• Calculating Standard Solutions: Steps can be opposite.
– Work out moles- using concentration volume of standard solution.
– Use Mr Moles to calculate mass of substance going in standard solution.
• Grams: Can have concentration with units g dm-3
. Convert using Mr Moles formula. Value in
mol dm-3
x Mr = value in g dm-3