Shapes and Intermolecular Forces

Shapes of Molecules and Ions

Electron- Pair Repulsion Theory: Electron pairs arranged as far apart as possible to minimise repulsion. Number of bond pairs and lone pairs of electrons surrounding central atom determine shape. This holds the bonded atoms in a definite shape. - Name shape. - State...

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Electronegativity and Polarity

Electronegativity: The ability of an atom to attract electrons in a covalent bond. • Periodic Table: - Across the periodic table, the nuclear charge increases and the atomic radius decreases. - Electronegativity increase up the periodic table and across the periodic...

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Hydrogen Bonding

The third of the three intermolecular forces… • Hydrogen Bonding: A strong dipole- dipole attraction between an electron deficient hydrogen atom of –NH, -OH or –HF on one molecule and a lone pair of electrons on a highly electronegative N, O or F on a different...

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