Organic Synthesis

Carbon- Carbon Bond Formation

Formation of Nitriles: Nitrile group is –CN.  1) Haloalkanes to Nitriles: Haloalkanes reacted with sodium or potassium cyanide NaCN/ KCN in ethanol. In this reaction length of carbon chain increased. This is an example of nucleophilic substitution.  2) Aldehydes/...

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Further Practical Techniques

Filtration under Reduced Pressure: Need Buchner flask, Buchner funnel, pressure tubing, filter paper and vacuum pump. This separates solid product from liquid.  Process: Connect tube from vacuum pump to Buchner flask. Fit Buchner funnel to flask using Buchner rubber...

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Further Synthetic Routes

Important to identify all functional groups correctly on starting and target molecule.  If two functional groups on compound, need to write reactions that change one functional group and then write reactions that change the other functional group, independent of one...

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