Buffers and Neutralisation

Buffer Solutions

Buffer Solution: A buffer solution is a system that minimises pH changes when small amounts of acid or base added. Buffer solutions contains 2 things…  Buffer solution contains weak acid, HA, to remove added alkali.  Buffer solutions contain conjugate base, A- ,...

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Buffer Solutions in the Body

Blood Plasma: Blood plasma needs to be at pH 7.4 due to enzymes. pH controlled by buffers such as the carbonic acid- hydrogencarbonate buffer. The body produces more acidic materials than alkaline. Buffers make sure H2CO3 not built up.  Problems with pH: If pH falls...

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pH Meter: A pH meter consists of an electrode. pH reading displayed. pH meter more accurate than indicator paper, as pH meter does to 2 dp compared to whole number. If data logger attached to pH meter, can plot pH titration curve automatically.  Experiment Monitoring...

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