Topic 4: StarsTopic 4: Stars

Sun = star à scientists analyse surface +radiation Hotter areas of sun = white                                         Warmer areas = orange Spectrum shows the elements that are present in the sun. Coronal mass ejection – bubbles of gas bursting out of the sun and...

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Topic 3: Mapping the universeTopic 3: Mapping the universe

How far away are the stars? 3A                                                                       Parallax- The apparent change in something’s position based on line of sight Stars seem to shift their positions slightly against a background of fixed stars. The...

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Topic 1: Naked eye astronomyTopic 1: Naked eye astronomy

  Topic 1: Naked eye astronomy Astrolabe – measures the angle of a star above the horizon. Used for navigation. Eclipse – the sun moves behind the moon (allows you to observe gasses in the corona) The sun rises at the east and sets in the west, at a steady speed....

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