6.3 Electromagnetism


When a conducting rod moves in a field, the electrons experience a force so accumulate at one end. This induces an emf across the ends of the rod.  An emf can be induced in a flat coil or solenoid by moving he coil towards or away from the magnet’s poles, or moving a...

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Motion of Charged ParticlesMotion of Charged Particles

The force on a charged particle travelling at right angles to a uniform magnetic field is given by: According to Fleming’s left hand rule, the force experienced by the particle is always perpendicular to its direction of motion. This is the condition for circular...

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Magnetic fieldsMagnetic fields

Magnetic fields are regions where a force is exerted on magnetic materials. They are created by moving charges and permanent magnets. Magnetic fields can be mapped by magnetic field lines, which pass from north to south, The closer the lines, the stronger the field....

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