Winners vs. Losers


  • Cannot experience growth without political stability which contributes to 2% of global trade (2007).
  • Only trade is oil and minerals extracting, not manufacturing.
  • Africa needs trade to allow them to own their own resources and trade equally.
  • 7% growth vital to get on the ladder for development, 90% economy informal with no tax.


Why Did China Grow and Africa Left behind?

  • Rely on commodities with varying prices, become exploited and exhausted, TNCs buy mines and make profit and lacks medicine, educated workers, books, government funding which China has.


China Driving Growth in Africa

  • In the DRC, China have promised to build: 3500km of rail roads, extract their minerals, 128 health centers, thirty-eight hospitals and two universities.
  • However, no one to work in hospitals, no books for universities and no government funding.


India and Brazil trade with Africa

  • India’s bi-lateral trade with Africa has increased from $1 billion in 2001 to $50 billion 2011.


Positives of China’s Activities in Africa

  • China become largest medical exporter to Africa- improve their health care.
  • Supported African Development bank since 1985, money used for aid projects.
  • Improved infrastructure built by Chinese and investment in Ethiopia has fueled growth.


Negatives about China’s Activities in Africa

  • China importing labour to build infrastructure in Africa, little multiplier on domestic markets.
  • Protests in China against it, resulting in some people killed.
  • China’s trade with Africa has led to a new form of colonialism, influencing political decisions.


Tensions Between Cultures

  • Shifting power may cause increased tensions, prediction of a multi-polar world, more than one power and ‘flashpoint’ locations where power leads to conflict such as the middle east.

Terrorist Attacks

  • ‘Powers in conflict – Christianity and Judaism vs. Muslim.
  • Western conflicting with extremist Muslim life.
  • Motives: show power, scare them, kill people.
  • Cultural conflict: fear of Islam, east and west divide.