What Legacies Did Communism Leave When USSR Broke Down?

The Collapse of the USSR (1991)

  • They used a command style of government through the idea of communism.
  • This was because in 1987 there was the development of perestroika and glasnost.
  • PERESTROIKA -this is relaxed economic controls allowing businesses to sell their products privately. They could sell their products privately and they could sell their surplus and keep the proceeds. This allowed a change to free market capitalism.
  • GLASNOST -this allows a greater political freedom, e.g. freedom of speech. This allowed for the growing call of independence.


What Were the Reasons Behind the Collapse of the USSR?
  • Economic reforms allow trade, private investment and personal wealth to a more capitalist focused economy.
  • Realisation of the problems of pollution and the unhealthy population, i.e. alcoholism.
  • ‘Loans for shares’ scandal- this is where the government sold shares in state assets such as oil reserves in exchange for loans to win the re-election and prevent an election of another communist party. This means that the state only owns 50% of Gazprom.
  • To receive loans from the IMF, Russia had to undertake large clean-up operations.