Transportation is the Process of Eroded Material Being Moved

  • The energyprovided by waves, tides and currents transports eroded material. There are four transportational processes:
  • Traction- very big rocks/boulders are rolled along the sea bed by the force of the water.
  • Saltation- pebbles and gravel are bounced along the sea bed by the force of the water.
  • Suspension- very fine material like silt and clay, is whipped up by turbulence and carried along in the water.
  • Solution- substances that can dissolve, such as limestone, are carried along in the water.
  • Longshore drift- transportation of sediment along the coastline:
  • Swash carries sediment up the beach, parallel to the prevailing wind.
  • Backwash carries sediment back down the beach, at right angles to the shoreline.

When there’s an angle between the prevailing wind and the shoreline, a few rounds of swash and backwash move the sediment along the shoreline.