Superpowers Role in International Decision-Making

  • Global economic and political power is controlled by a small number of players in the form of inter-governmental organizations (IGOs).


UN – Political

  • Prevents war and decides on international disputes and developed wide range of specialist agencies.


NATO – Political

  • Military alliance between European countries and USA.


IMF – Economic

  • Monitors economic and financial development of countries and lends money when countries are facing financial difficulties.


G8 – Political and Economic

  • Forum of world’s richest and most powerful nations.
  • Meetings about global policy directions western democracies should take.


WTO – Economic

  • Trade policy, agreements and settling disputes.
  • Promotes global free trade.


EU – Political and Economic

  • Trade bloc encourage free trade, movement of people within the EU and power unified.


Superpower Influence and ‘Global Culture’

  • The growing power of USA and EU has led to a global culture, with characteristics such as:
  • A culture of consumerism, a culture of capitalism and importance of attaining wealth and a white, Anglo-Saxon culture with English as a dominant language, culture that ‘cherry picks’ and adapts selected parts of other world cultures.
  • Opposing argument: recent strong growth in Hispanic culture, future predicting more Hispanic than Anglo Saxon.


Is the World Becoming Americanized?

  • Majority of biggest global brands are American (7/10 in 2007).
  • Film industry is mostly American themes like sci fi and by American producers.
  • Many TV programs based on Anglo- Saxon, middle class Americans.
  • American music artists famous worldwide.




It Is Not Becoming Americanized

  • China Western is world’s 10th biggest brand, Harry Potter is English, Bollywood is expanding, becoming the largest film industry, British music in global charts and Hispanic TV shows “Amita, no te jajes!”.


Cultural Imperialism

  • Forced as global culture spread by IT and voluntary as new culture there for people to adopt, suggesting new culture is better with cultures are a blend now.


Cultural Backlash

  • Anti globalisation and anti-Americanism as many global icons originate form USA.
  • Negative views on American culture, as well as politics and foreign policy.