Soft Engineering Defences – Coaxing Natural Processes

  • Beach nourishment- sand and shingle are added to beaches from elsewhere to create wider beaches to reduce erosion of cliffs.
  • Beach stabilisation- reducing the slope angle and planting vegetation, or by sticking stakes and old tree trunks in the beach to stabilise the sand, creating wider beaches to reduce erosion.
  • Dune regeneration- sand dunes are created or restored by either nourishment or stabilisation of the sand and dunes provide a barrier between land and sea, absorbing wave energy.
  • Land use management- vegetation needed to stabilise the dune can easily be trampled and destroyed, leave the dune vulnerable to erosion. Wooden walkways and fenced-off areas reduce vegetation loss.
  • Creating marshland- planting vegetation which stabilises the sediment which also reduces the speed of the waves, reducing their power.
  • Coastal realignment- breaching an existing defence and allowing the sea to flood the land behind. Over time, it will be marshland.