Protein Trafficking

Ribosome is attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum. It’s made up of proteins and RNA, and not surrounded by a membrane. Golgi apparatus is a group of fluid-filled, membrane-bound flattened sacs, vesicles are often seen at the edges of the sacs.
• Transcription of DNA to mRNA
• mRNA leaves nucleus
• Protein made on ribosomes enter rough ER
• Protein moves through the ER assuming 3D shape en route
• Vesicles pinched off the rough ER fuse to form the flattened sacs of the Golgi apparatus
• Proteins are modified with the Golgi apparatus
• Vesicles pinched off the Golgi apparatus contain the modified protein
• Vesicle fuses with cell surface membrane releasing protein, such as extracellular enzymes