Characteristics of Living Organisms

1.1 – Understand that living organisms share the following characteristics:

Life Process Explanation
Movement The ability to go in a specific direction or place, resulting in a change in position.
Respiration The ability to produce energy as well as ridding the waste products of carbon dioxide
and water from glucose and oxygen.
Sensitivity The ability to detect a stimulus (a change in the organism’s surrounding environment)
and respond to it.
Homeostasis The ability for liking organisms to control and achieve stabilisation of their internal
environment through a variety of processes.
Growth The ability to undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing
Reproduction The ability to produce offspring either asexually (produces genetically identical
offspring) or sexually (produces genetically varied offspring from two gametes).
Excretion The ability to eliminate waste products from the body.
Nutrition The ability to obtain the essential nutrients required for healthy growth.