5.7.14- Whether the use by athletes of performance enhancing substances is morally and ethically acceptable.

Why should we allow use of drugs;


  • Gives people a chance to be as good as their potential allows
  • Removes “unfair” genetic advantages
  • Controlled use of drugs is less risky
  • People should have the right of choice
  • Legalising drugs makes their distribution controllable (no use by under- age, infirm etc)

Arguments for not using drugs;


  • Dangerous (obviously)
  • May be pushed onto athletes by trainers
  • Effects are permanent
  • Not used under doctor’s supervision
  • Often cut with other drugs
  • Exposes athletes to criminals (danger of using other drugs)

The list goes on, just think for yourself in the context of the question. You can argue the toss either way, but make sure you can back up your opinion with some sensible, logical arguments.