CHAPTER 9: Rate ofReaction

CHAPTER 9: Rate of  Reaction

  • Rate of Reaction
  • Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction
  • Catalysis

Learning outcomes:

  • explain and use the terms: rate of reaction, activation energy and catalysis
  • explain qualitatively, in terms of collisions, the effect of concentration changes on the rate of a reaction
  • show understanding, including reference to the Boltzmann distribution, of what is meant by the term activation energy
  • explain qualitatively, in terms both of the Boltzmann distribution and of collision frequency, the effect of temperature change on the rate of a reaction 
  • (i) explain that, in the presence of a catalyst, a reaction has a different mechanism, i.e. one of lower activation 

(ii)  interpret this catalytic effect in terms of the Boltzmann distribution.

  • describe enzymes as biological catalysts (proteins) which may have specific activity