Features of a Scientific Report

  • TITLE: normally phrased as a question. Refers to the aim
  • ABSTRACT: brief summary of aims and hypotheses, previous research, results, methods and conclusion. 150-200 words. Written at the end but on front page
  • INTRODUCTION: includes past research (theory and studies) on a similar topic includes aims/hypothesis of current investigation (directional or non-directional)
  • METHOD: design, materials. Participants and procedure, ethics – replication
  • RESULTS: description of what researchers found, inc descriptive (measures of central tendency etc) and inferential stats (stats test and significance)
  • DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: consideration of what the results of a research study tells us in terms of psychological theory
  • REFERENCES: list of sources referred/quoted in article using Harvard reference system. To acknowledge other research in file and prove not plagiarism