Experienced and Media Places

Experienced places are places people have spent time in and know on a more personal level. Their sense of place is shaped by the things they saw there and the people they met etc.

Media places are places that people have not necessarily been to but a sense of place has developed as a result of how the place is depicted in the media, through film, art or books.

An experienced place for me is Devon, eg Exeter: I have a good sense of place, as I have visited it many times and love it there. I’ve seen the beautiful landscapes of Dartmoor, as well as the city of Exeter, so I know the place and the environment well.


Media places:

  • New York – Suits and many films like the Devil Wears Prada
  • East London – Eastenders
  • Essex – The Only Way is Essex
  • Greek islands – Mamma Mia
  • Paris – Amelie, La Haine, part of Me Before You
  • International places – the News

Perception of place is the way that a place is viewed/regarded by people. It can be influenced by media representation or personal experience.