Cardiff Bay Barrage

This barrage lies across the mouth of Cardiff Bay in Wales. Its construction was completed in November 1999, but it was not officially opened to the public until 2001.

Environmental impact:

  • Raises water level permanently which has worried residents near the edge of the bay and the banks of River Taff
  • Removed important feeding ground for birds like shelduck and shore birds
  • Rising water levels can affect underground structures
  • The freshwater lake has had algae issues
  • Cardiff bay had an infestation of zebra mussels

Human impact (regeneration):

  • Cardiff Bay Development Corporation set up in April 1987 to regenerate 1,100 hectares of Dockland between Cardiff and Penarth (various aims to economically and socially revive the area)
  • Regeneration programme has cost £220 million
  • Provided 16,750 jobs
  • Too much building/infrastructure