Topic 9 – Chemistry of the atmosphere

Common atmospheric pollutants and their sources

9.3.1 Atmospheric pollutants from fuels 9.3.2 Properties and effects of atmospheric pollutants Pollutant How it’s produced Effects Solution Carbon dioxide CO2 & water vapour H2O(g) Complete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels Eg CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O Greenhouse gases...

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Carbon dioxide and methane as greenhouse gases

9.2.1 Greenhouse gases Maintain temp on Earth high enough to support life Greenhouse gases – H2O(g), CO2, CH4 Describe greenhouse effect in terms of the interaction of short and long wavelength radiation with matter Energy from sun passes through atmosphere as short...

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The composition and evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere

9.1.1 The proportions of different gases in the atmosphere Nitrogen - 80% Oxygen – 20% Small proportions of other gases, including carbon dioxide, water vapour & noble gases There is not much O2 in the atmosphere of Mars. Suggest why (1) Mars has no plants The...

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