3. Infection and response

Monoclonal antibodies (biology only) (HT only)

3.2.1 Producing monoclonal antibodies Monoclonal antibodies Produced from single clone of cells Specific to one binding site on an antigen Target specific chemical / cell in body Production of monoclonal antibodies Vaccinate mouse to stimulate mouse lymphocytes to...

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Plant disease (biology only)

3.3.1 Detection and identification of plant diseases Plants infected by viral, bacterial, fungal & insects (eg aphids) Aphids Sharp mouthparts – penetrate into phloem vessels for phloem sap Attack in huge no. – deprive plant cells – damage & weaken plant Act...

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Communicable diseases

3.1.1 Communicable (infectious) diseases Pathogens Microorganisms that cause communicable diseases Eg bacteria, viruses, protists, fungi How cause?   Bacteria Produce toxins - damage tissues - ill Reproduce rapidly in binary fusion Viruses Live & reproduce...

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