2. Organisation

Plant tissues, organs and systems

2.3.1 Plant tissues Waxy cuticle Reduce water loss by evaporation So it doesn't wilt Upper epidermis Cover the leaf Root hair cell Adapt to absorb water by osmosis & mineral ions by active transport from soil efficiently Palisade mesophyll Chloroplast - absorb...

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Animal tissues, organs and organ systems

2.2.1 The human digestive system Balanced diet - right amount of nutrients & energy for needs What is the function of digestive system? An organ system in which several organs work tgt to digest & absorb food Mouth How can mouth break down starchy foods? Teeth...

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Principles of organisation

Cells → tissues → organs → organ system → organism Cells - basic structural & functional units of living organisms Muscular Contracts to move things attached to it In stomach, contracts to move food Glandular Contains secretory cells Produce & release...

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