1. Cell biology

Transport in cells

1.3.1 Diffusion Spreading out of particles of any substance in solution, or particles of a gas, causing a net movement from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration What substances in animals & plants are transported in & out of cells...

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Cell division

Chromosomes What does the nucleus contain? Chromosomes made of DNA molecules Each chromosome carries a large no of genes Why do most organisms have an even number of chromosomes in body cells? In body cells, chromosomes are normally found in pairs 1.2.2 Mitosis and...

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Cell structure

1.1.1 Eukaryotes and prokaryotes Eukaryotic cell Animal, plant, fungi Has a cell membrane, cytoplasm & genetic material enclosed in a nucleus More complex 1.1.2 Animal and plant cells Animal cell Nucleus Contains genetic material (DNA) Control cell's activities...

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