• Prokaryotes: unicellular, microorganisms that lack organelles
    • Archaea & bacteria
Cell Type Prokaryote Eukaryotes
Size Smaller Bigger
Multi or Uni Uni Multi
Organelles No (Nucleus) Yes (Nucleus)
Cell Wall Yes Plants, Fungi, and some Protists
Cytoplasm No cytoskeleton Cytoplasm streaming
Ribosomes Yes: smaller, diff proteins Yes: bigger
DNA Yes: singular, short, circular chromosome w/o histones 

Usually no introns

Less DNA that is in the nucleoid/cytoplasm

Some contain plasmids

Yes: multiple linear packaged with histone proteins & capped w/ telomeres 

Usually has introns

Chromosome enclosed in  nucleus → large genome


Cell Division Binary Fission Meiosis or Mitosis
Transfer of DNA Only fragments Thru meiosis
Flagella and Cilia When present are made from globular protein flagellin & not microtubules enclosed by plasma membrane When present are of protein tubulin “9 + 2” array